tisdag, oktober 31, 2006

Broilerurbanism Dubaistyle

Om någon oroar sig över svensk fastighetshausse, lugnar man ned sig efter ha tittat åt Dubai. Projekt efter projekt övertrumfar varandra. Den nya artifciella kusten (Arkitektur 4/06) med The World eller någon av palmöarna verkar nästan blygsamma med nya projekt som Falconcity (slogan: Beyond History) eller Burj Dubai [bild - ovan]. Mike Davis om Fear and Money in Dubai [via Space and Culture] En utveckling som har skett så snabbt att OMA|AMO & Koolhaas först nu publicerar något om fenomenet:
"This accordion-fold booklet contains a series of analytical views of the Arabian coast of the Persian Gulf by AMO-OMA and colleagues from the American University of Sharjah, UAE. In a “futurized present,” these views seek to depict the current and unprecedented state of the region, which invites one to contemplate the design of a new version of urbanism. Like a pristine and untouched canvas, the sand and sea of the Persian Gulf coast constitute a tabula rasa, waiting to receive the imprint of new identities. The West is guilty of a double negligence vis-à-vis this land of possibilities— something that actually has its origins in the West is not being taken seriously, and as a result we are unable to seize upon a burgeoning global phenomenon. This accordion-fold booklet is published to coincide with the 1 0th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. " Förlag: Lars Müller.

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